miércoles, 10 de octubre de 2007

Confused, sad, alone..a lot of regrets, but without a way to go back..i just have to move on

yesterday u took me to a place that wasnt allowed in my heart, i didint wanna go, u insisted i pleased u, u grab me u just thought of urselve, u touchedme without thinking if i was fine, u hold me in to ur arms, u said u love me, u said all the right words, but that wasnt enough...now that is donei dont want to repeat it anymore, i just want to cry and erase that night with my tears, my sad ones, i dont know why i followed u, why i did it??u didint force me, i think that i force myself into...u dont treat me bad, but u had the chance to do it better and u just fill ur hungry of passion...please dont make me force myself to please u again, to show u my love, my devotion, i cheated myself, stay calm, stay beside me, hold my handtake care of me, u also have to think of me not just u...i dont want to do it again...i dont want to kiss u again...we must be only friends before is to late

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